Gillingham Parish Church St. Mary Magdalene 'The Church on the Green'
Gillingham Parish ChurchSt. Mary Magdalene'The Church on the Green' 




YOUR PERSONAL DATA is very important to us and we will always treat it with respect and confidentially.  We only collect personal data that is required by us to fulfill our mission and ministry for you and you family.  So we do hold personal details for those who come to us to be married in church, to have their Baptism in church or who are having a funeral taken by one of our ministers.  We also hold the personal data of those who are members of the church and have applied to be on this church's Electoral Role.  All personal data held by us is stored either on a password- protected computer or, in the case of hard copies, is held in secure filing cabinets in a locked parish office.  Personal data is only held for as long as we need it to provide the particular service requested by you or, in the case of those who have given permission for us to hold their personal data, for as long as that permission remains valid.  Permission for us to continue holding your data can be withdrawn by you at any time.  WE WILL NEVER PASS YOUR DATA ON TO ANY THIRD PARTY WITHOUT YOUR EXPRESS PERMISSION.  We are currently working to conform to the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).



THE SAFEGUARDING OF THOSE WHO ARE VULNERABLE is very important to us.  We adhere to all the Safeguarding Regulations and Guidelines laid down by the Rochester Diocesan Safeguarding Team, details of which are available at  In line with recent changes in those regulations we now have a team in place to deal with safeguarding matters, consisting of a Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) who liaises directly with the Diocesan Safeguarding Team, a Children's & Young Persons' Officer and a Vulnerable Adults Officer along with a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Officer who is responsible for ensuring that everyone in our church who needs checking has submitted to the DBS system.  In addition, all our ministers have undergone independent safeguarding training and we are currently updating that training in the light of recent changes to the Diocesan Safeguarding Regulations and Guidelines.  We believe that St. Mary Magdalene Church is a safe and happy environment for everyone and particularly so for children, young people and vulnerable adults and it is our intention to ensure that it always remains so.

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